Benefits of Going Solar

  • Saves you thousands of dollars and increases home value
  • Paves the way for American energy independence
  • Preserves our Environment

Solar power is not only sustainable, it is renewable which means that we will never run out of it. Switching to a solar power system for your home or business impacts you directly and it changes your community, our country, and the world we live-in for the better.


Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Unlimited Resource
  • Decrease Our Nations Dependency on Foreign Oil

“Green energy” such as solar, does not have a negative effect on our environment. It’s an excellent alternative to fossil fuels (oil or coal) and much safer than nuclear. Greenhouse gases, notably CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other harmful by-products are non-existent in solar energy.

Coal, natural gas, and oil are limited resources; they are being used up at an alarming rate. Developing nations are now adding to the demand for these resources. Also, oil is used in many ways other than producing energy, such as manufacturing of plastics and foam using up these resources even faster. Solar energy from the sun is unlimited!

An estimated 75 million barrels of oil are saved each year by using solar energy and 45 million tons of carbon dioxide saved annually by solar power system. Your decision to which to solar is not only a benefit for yourself, it will also make a lasting and positive difference in the quality of life for generations to come.

Financial Benefits

  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Improve Resale Value
  • Take Advantage of Tax Incentives

Free yourself from your utility companies’ monopoly on your electric bill. By incorporating solar, our energy conservation methods, and our formulas we can show you how to go solar and get paid to do it! After 8 ½ years of research on home values, scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs concluded (hyperlink emp.lbl.gov) that houses with solar power sell for more money. The premium varied from $3.90 to $6.40 per war of power on the home, for an average increase of $5.50 per watt

Looking at an example:
3kW Solar system x $5.50= $16,500 of potential equity!
The Federal/State tax credits offered are colossal! The government will help pay for up to 65% of the total system costs! These credits are limited and set to expire. Have one of our energy experts explain how they work today!