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Convert the sun into savings with smart solar solutions for your home.

We create smart solar energy products that help you save on your power bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your resale value. Our goal is to put power back in the homeowner’s hands through long term cost solutions.

Long story short? We’ll never leave you in the dark.

Our expert team will make sure your solar panel installation process a breeze. We start with a free energy audit to create a customer solar energy plan that puts the power back in your hands. Then your personal power supply is crafted by a team of high-trained experts.

Your solar energy system can’t just work well, it has to look good, too. That why your solar panels are set up in beautiful designs in efficient areas.

We’re proud to boast American made solar panels. From design to materials, our solar panels are made in the USA. Through solar energy, we can create new job opportunities and lower our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

Need a listening ear? Call us at 803-753-1054 with any concerns you have about your solar panels or products. We promise to respond within 1 business day.

solar panel installation | solar energy products

Solar Panels

We offer a full-service solar panel installation. With our American made solar panels, you can turn the sun into savings and save money every month. Photovoltaic (PV) cells in the panel convert sunlight into energy for your home or building. When the sunlight hits the panel, it creates an electrical field across the layers. That energy is stored in panels on the roof or on the ground, and provides electricity to your home.

thermal hot water | solar energy products

Thermal Hot Water

Solar thermal water heating uses the sun’s energy to cycle and heat your water. The system pushes water into black panels on your roof. These panels attract sunlight and heat the water with the sun’s energy. When you turn on your hot water, you have solar-powered hot water ready for use. If you don’t use the water in a certain amount of time, the system cycles out for new water to heat with the fun. There are even systems to let thermal water users turn off the cycles at night to conserve energy.

radiant barrier | solar energy products

Radiant Barrier

The sun’s radiant energy causes heat soak on your roof. The heat soaks through your roof and moves towards the cool air inside your home. That means your house has to work harder to stay cool. By adding a radiant barrier behind the roof in the attic, you can cut down on the amount of radiant heat soaks through the roof.

blown in insulation | solar energy products

Blown In Insulation

We all know what insulation does for a home. It helps seal the cracks so air doesn’t get in and out of the house. Blown in insulation adds a custom layer of insulation to your home to keep all the energy it takes to keep the house cool right where it needs to be, in your house. When you pair radiant barriers with blown insulation, you’re going to be able to keep the house cool and the cost down constantly.

air sealing | solar energy products

Air Sealing

Another area that heat loves to slip in and out of houses is around windows and doorways. That’s where air sealing comes into play. Sealing your window frames and doorframes helps your home conserve energy while saving you money.

solar attic fan | solar energy products

Solar Attic Fan

You want to keep your attic properly ventilated. That means including an exhaust fan in your attic. Since you are already going to solar power, you should check out these solar powered attic exhaust fans. These fans help your attic stay cool when it’s hot, and they help prevent the “icebox” feeling in the winter. These little fans help you save money, conserve energy, and extend the life of your roof.

replacement windows | solar energy products

Replacement Windows & Doors

Air and heat can leak through your windows as well. That’s why we offer energy efficient replacement windows and doors. These replacement windows  and doors will help you help keep the AC in and the heat out. Made right here in the USA, these windows are doors are the perfect pairing for your air sealing.

nest thermostat

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat helps you use your energy in an efficient way. With auto-scheduling, auto-away, and efficiency guides, your thermostat will help your home take care of itself.

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